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  • 24.03.2020

Where to start? A guide to Alfaleads CPA-network.

Here is a short guide for our new and existing partners to improve navigation within our system and make your experience flawless.

Your manager is your best friend. He will advise you offers and sources, landings, prelandings and promo campaigns that convert the most. He will assist you with setting up PostBack, analyzing your campaigns and starting to generate some revenue. You can reach him in case you have any questions regarding the ALFALEADS system. His contacts could be found on your account main page http:/my.alfaleads.ru/dashboard(1)

[1] - Manager, [2] - Balance, [3] - News

[4] - Statistics and visualization in the form of graphs

There is also a summary for current balance (2) (total / hold / available for withdrawal), traffic (hosts, conversions for all offers plus a chart below (4)) and news feed for partners (3).
In order to choose an offer, go to the "Offers" tab, where all the available offers are shown. There are three types of offers in our system:
  • public offers that you can pick immediately (mainly goods, options, stores working via CPS, Rev Share offers),
  • offers that require pre-approval (mobile installs, e-commerce, gambling, different CPL offers, etc.),
  • and private ones available to our top advertisers only.
P.S.In order to go through the approval process quicker and reveal the private offers, contact your personal manager via Skype.
After you pick the offer, you will need to get the link.
Click on "Get link" or "Request access". P.S. For a pre-approved offer, after clicking "Request access", you will be redirected to the dedicated offer page. Scroll down, fill in the form and click


. On the offer page you can find all the advertiser’s current terms: description of the offer, available GEO’s, target paid actions, all conversion parameters (EPC, CR, processing time, daily limit), all available landings and prelandings, as wel as allowed and prohibited traffic sources.
Once you are approved (or right away if the offer is public) you will get access to the Tracking link generator. Here you need to choose your landing (2) and prelanding (3) pages as well as fill in your Sub Account (or SubID, sub-account, sub, subby, sub-account CPA-network tag, or some other variation you can think of ... =)) (1). There are 5 tags available for your referral link (sometimes less: 3-2-1...). Here you fill in static values ​​or dynamic macros, or both. They will be transferring certain parameters from ad networks. Or you can set up your own values ​​- see example below). The final link will be generated in the Tracking link field above (4). Here is an example of a link with ad network macros (1-3 subs) and random subaccount values (4-5 subs):
http:/track.alfaleads.ru /click?pid=666&offer_id=53&sub1={TID}&sub2={SID}&sub3={THEME}&sub4=something_else&sub5=campaign_name
You can easily take this link and put into all of your ads. If you are planning to track your statistics through ALFALEADS system only (which is quite powerful and easy to use by the way), you can relax here and start driving massive traffic.
To analyze and optimize your campaigns, use Statistics. Here you can find following vital reports: daily (hourly), offers (landing pages), smartLinks, subId’s, operating systems, devices, browsers, countries and cities. The reports can be easily exported in Excel with a nice chart inside.

Daily Stats

If you are a true affiliate marketing Jedi and want to run a more in-depth analysis of your traffic using a tracker, then you'll need to configure PostBack integration in order to transfer conversions to your third-party analytics system. PostBack settings are available at the bottom of the offer page. Click "Add a postback" (1), to see the field where you can put your final lin (2). In order to build the link, use the "Postback Information" below. There you will see all the macros available in the ALFALEADS network (3). When you are done with the link and it’s in the URL field (2) click "Save".
P.S. You can set up PostBack to track specific status or goal, if that is in fact what you are willing to track. But you don’t have to.
You can also add a Global PostBack to track statistics for all the offers. To do this click "Global postbacks" (4) and repeat all of the above in the opened tab.
P.S. If you require any assistance with building the link for PostBack integration or any other issue imaginable, feel free to contact your manager. He is always ready to come to your rescue.
Now you have everything you need to start working with ALFALEADS and generating some sweet revenue! Good luck to you on the affiliate marketing battlefield! ;-)