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The right combination of high-paid offerings with a high conversion to maximise your partner's revenue

CPA Daily
CPA Daily is a project, created by webmasters with wide experience in CPA. Experience, which relies on facts and analysis, helped us to realize this project. It is not secret, that webmasters with lack of experience sometimes have a problem with selection of the offer. Service will select for you a suitable offer and even can prompt to you how properly earn with it. For experienced webmasters we have a unique module for analysis of offers. With a few clicks you get a complete "picture" of whole life of the offer or category of offers, a "picture", which you so need. You know better us how to use this data.
100 tracking options
• Unique search mode with capability of search by geography, by traffic type, by type of target, by category of the offer, by text in the description or by the link of the advertiser;

• System analyzes all changes in the offers in all systems, beginning from percent of acceptance and payments, ending from changes of descriptions and links, and issues recommendations about those or these events;

• Team still develop this service, we are making adjustments and finding bugs. If you have feature requests or bug reports, please send it by email or skype. Thank you!;

• Fast report generation;