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The right combination of high-paid offerings with a high conversion to maximise your partner's revenue

RedTrack.io is cloud-hosted ad tracking software that provides data analytics and campaign optimization solution. RedTrack focus on creating exceptional user experience through product performance, support services, and pricing.
50% discount for the month or 25 % for 3 month
• Cookieless ad tracking for media-buyers. Impressions, clicks, conversions. Real-time notifications. Bot filters and redirection rules. 100+ templates. Tracking solution for Google, Facebook and other sources that prevent re-directs. Onboarding and data migration support to get you up to speed.;

• Track, optimise and share results real-time. Natively supports performance-focused and brand-awareness advertising campaigns. Smarter tracking for all of your channels and direct publisher relationships in one UI. White-labeled reporting portal. Integrated ad serving and bot detection.;

• RedTrack.io is "stitching the funnel" for publishers connecting inbound clicks to outbound conversions. Easy-implementation through GTM with onboarding support and custom integration support;

• 1st click or last click attribution with no redirects. Track from your landing page and get real-time visibility into your campaigns performance. No 3rd party cookies used to prevent data loss and ensure compliance. Make accurate, data-driven decisions with 40+ standard and custom data points about every impression, visit, click and conversion. On-boarding support to help you going live fast.;