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FAQ for affiliates

All necessary information for our webmasters is gathered in this post. If you’re a beginner, be sure to use our “questions and answers” to help you work, and, more importantly, profit with Alfaleads.

  • What is ALFALEADS?
    ALFALEADS is a CPA-network, aggregator of partner programs from various advertisers, with payment for specific actions. For example for a CPS product purchase or a confirmed order for CPA (or CPL, CPI, DOI, SOI etc)
  • What will I be paid for?
    You will bring clients to a website/shop/app, or, in other words, to the advertiser’s platform, where the client will have to perform a certain target action discussed in conditions of the offer. This action is what gets you paid, and this is called “conversion”.
  • How much money will I get for one person performing a successful target action (conversion)?
    Reward price for conversion is determined by the advertiser and is shown on ALFALEADS page where you can view offers, in the “Deductions” column. This information also appears in the “Geography and paid goals” column.

    P.S. Also, sometimes payouts can vary depending on location and type of user’s device: specific information on payouts for a certain location/device can be seen on details page in the “Geography and paid goals” column.
  • Do you have a hold on payouts?
    For new webmasters who haven’t worked with the CPA-network ALFALEADS before, hold for the FIRST payout may last from 7 to 14 days (+/- 5 days - depends on the type of the offer and its specific conditions (EXAMPLE: how does lead processing happen, how fast does the person get a product/service, makes a deposit in a casino, purchases a product online, etc). Also, the duration of your first hold depends on the speed of traffic evaluation by the advertiser (different offers require tracking specific behavioral factors, for which often standard indicators of Yandex-metric/Google-analytics are used, or with internal indicators on the advertiser’s platform. Or all three of them... =))

    VERTICALS HOLD/PAYMENT MODEL - We tell everything how it is, crystal clear! So you don’t complain later that we didn’t warn you! :

    1. CPL/CPI/SOI/DOI and some CPA - Goals - Registrations (simple registrations | effective | complex, with confirmation), gambling-offers for registration (CPL) | deposit (CPA) | revshare (RS), dating, games, adult (adult-games, adult-dating), pin-submits and others - desktop & mobile.

    INITIAL HOLD 14 days.

    Initial limit for new webmasters is 50-100 conversions (per day/total) - it’s necessary to check this information with your account manager in Skype or through the ALFALEADS ticket system.

    2. CPA - favorite good at its best. The goal is a confirmed order or some other specific targeted action for which you’re paid and that is usually tied to the client purchasing something from a website you’re advertising.

    Great news: Here, INITIAL HOLD can be decreased, since the main good’s traffic evaluation criteria is based on clients buying out the product.

    (!) Some advertisers deliver their product day in day out and receive the buyout info earlier, which allows them to evaluate traffic ahead of time (±7 days) and make a payment during the week. Precise conditions can be viewed on the offer’s details page, you can also ask a manager via skype or use the ALFALEADS ticket system.

    (!) Advertisers that send products via Russian Federation Mail might have to wait for the client’s buyout for some time. It depends on how far the recipient’s region is, on the sender and on the person’s desire to receive the product. Such “slow” clients can drag out the traffic examination, but there are usually not more than 10-17% of them (if you drive target audience to the traffic).

    >>>Lifehack - check with your manager for which regions your advertisers executed the fastest delivery. Drive test leads to traffic on these locations and get the full access to the offer, an opportunity to test creating new texts and work with personal conditions much faster!

    If you’re not sure in the accuracy and entirety of information that you see on the offer’s details page, just mail us! We’re human too and can sometimes make a mistake. So it’s better to always clarify actual information on chosen offer with your manager via skype or through the ALFALEADS tickets.

    (!!!)IMPORTANT! REMEMBER! If your test traffic will get the orders on goods a 0% buyout, the advertiser WILL NOT pay for traffic!

    INITIAL HOLD from 7 to 14 days (± 5 days). More precise information regarding a certain offer can be clarified with the support team.

    Initial limit for new webmasters is 50-100 conversions (in total), information on text limit can be found on the offer’s details page or check with your manager/support team through ALFALEADS tickets.

    CPS offers/RevShare - % from the purchase amount/ % from service profit. Usually CPS model is used by big internet shops like WildBerries, KupiVIP, LaModa, M-Video, Eldorado etc. RS model is mostly used by offers like online-casinos, poker rooms, binary options brokers, Forex and other services where the player can INVEST their money, thus bringing the platform owners profit, % of which will be given to you as a payout.

    The ADVANTAGEof this approach is that in the future you’ll get referral deductions for all the purchases/expenses that will be ever made by client you’ve brought. This is not the case with other interaction models, which results in a one time payout just for a certain target action).

    CPS and RS are interaction models that advertisers love most. And that is why…

    THERE IS NO INITIAL HOLD. We don’t care when a client you’ve brought will make a purchase or spend money in a casino.

    The initial limit is unlimited. .

    After reading this, you’ll think: “Why?!?!?! Suuch loong hold!?!?! Make it smaller, I’ll show the stats! Where do I get the working capital?! Unvelievable! Blah-blah-blah-blhlhlhl…”

    1) It’s this long, because.. it’s not really long at all.. 7 (CPA) - 14 (CPL/CPI/SOI/DOI + CPA) days is a normal period of time, calculated based on experience. It allows advertisers to more or less track the LTV on a new client and predict a further result.

    CPL/CPI/SOI/DOI offers allow to tamper with the amount of leads easily, and advertisers need to conduct a complex evaluation of many factors to identify unscrupulous webmasters, evaluate traffic’s recoupment and behavioural factors that: 1) - aren’t visible at first, 2) - can be noticed only at a certain distance or within intervals.

    EXAMPLE: traffic’s activity on a platform, repeat visits, CR from registrations into a paid action, repeat conversions, time spent on landing pages, failures and many other factors that compose KPI - offers, which the traffic has to match. Usually, the advertiser provides some main KPI and some goals remain unknown, though important. If these indicators aren’t present in your traffic after 50-100 registrations, the advertiser’s feedback will be 100% negative. You’re probably going to get paid for this test traffic, but after that the offer will be deactivated for you. On the other hand, if at least 25-50% of the traffic matches all KPI, including the hidden ones, then you might get PERSONAL conditions for this offer based on payouts and limits (% of traffic matching with KPI is decided by the advertiser, the amount usually depends on the offer).

    (!) Also, the speed of traffic evaluation is affected by a total amount of leads received by the advertiser from our networks’ webmasters. If there are too many conversions, the amount of time needed to process them will increase.

    Why doesn’t the advertiser tell the webmaster all KPI on the CPL/CPI/SOI/DOI/etc. offers? How do I work without clear directives?

    The advertisers don’t disclose all KPI to avoid webmasters tampering with the amount of conversions using forbidden resources.

    All unknown KPI are very simple and their goals are tied to quite trivial actions that usually every good targeted traffic matches. Before connecting we ourselves test the offers and check if it’s possible to complete the advertiser’s KPI. This is why there are no offers with impossible conditions at ALFALEADS.

    If you work on offers that target “effective registration” and you really really want to…

    Find out, what is actually hidden behind the word “effective” (since this is usually also unknown due to the advertiser trying to avoid webmasters tampering with results). You can always test it and find everything out empirically. You just pass the registration using your own referral link, complete certain actions consequentially and with some intervals, and after each one you check if the conversion is counted.

    And, returning to the question: “Where do I get the working capital?!?!?!?”

    -Breathe! We don’t need thousands of leads to evaluate your traffic. The advertiser will give you a LIMIT (on total number of conversions or on the number of conversions per day), after achieving which you’ll need to stop the traffic and wait for evaluation.

    + If the traffic evaluation is positive, the payout for test traffic is made, individual conditions (if the advertiser provides them) are decided, the webmaster continues working with the offer;

    P.S. Conditions concerning the hold time are set by a specific advertiser for a specific offer. You can find them on the offer’s details page or check with your manager.

    P.P.S. If there isn’t any information about the hold, it means there’s no hold on this offer.

    P.P.P.S. The END of the hold time can be checked in the detailed conversions statistics.

    And remember, if you have doubts about something, better ask us.
    We’ll help to figure it out!

  • How often do you make payouts?
    In the ALFALEADS system, payouts are made automatically, there’s no need to order anything! The payouts are made 4 times a month - on Wednesdays, after 18:00. The payout is formed on Tuesdays, at 19:00. Thus everything that is earned in the interval between the first and the next Tuesday is paid. And by the time the payout was formed, it was already took from the advertiser’s hold.

    It is NECESSARY to provide information about your WMR and WMZ wallets, otherwise the payout won’t be formed.

    P.S. If the payout wasn’t formed on Tuesday due to a hold, you’ll have to wait for the next payout.

    P.P.S. If the payout wasn’t formed because of a lack of information about WMR and WMZ wallets, you’ll have to wait for the next payout.

    P.P.P.S. If the payout wasn’t formed because of some bug in our system, then your payout will be made in the nearest time.
  • What is your minimum payout amount?
    A minimum amount for withdrawal of funds from ALFALEADS is 2000 rubles.
  • Where are payouts sent?
    The payouts are made out to WMR and WMZ wallers in the WebMoney system. In some cases, payouts to card of Alfa Bank, Sberbank, VTB24, Tinkoff or QIWI/Yandex Money systems are possible.
  • Can you make payouts ahead of schedule?
    Yes, we pay our best webmasters ahead of schedule all the time!

    P.S. If we stop our cooperation with the webmaster, we pay out all the money on the final day of their work.

    P.P.S. Early payments are only made for a certain traffic volume.

    P.P.P.S. Force Majeure.
  • How often are the stats updated?
    The click statistics is updated in real time.

    P.S. The conversions statistics can be reflected both immediately or with a little delay (15 minutes, 45 minutes, 1h30. Some advertisers only provide conversion statistics once a day) - it all varies from offer to offer and depends on its integration scheme with ALFALEADS. More information about the nuances of working with a chosen offer can (and needs to!) be obtained from your account-manager.

    P.P.S. Your account-manager’s contacts can be seen on the homepage of your personal cabinet as a webmaster.
  • Which types of traffic are forbidden in ALFALEADS?
    - The ones violating the Legislation of the Russian Federation
    - Traffic from services of task placement (systems of active advertising, motivated traffic).
    - Cashback - it is forbidden to make discount promises to clients based on the webmaster’s remuneration.
  • How do I get my referral link?
    To get your referral link for traffic arbitrage, you need to connect to a chosen offer and further follow an algorithm described in THIS manual.
  • What are sub-accounts (SubID)?
    Sub-accounts are parameters that are added as a tail to your main referral link. Sub-accounts will help you track the quality of the traffic source, promo-material, etc.

    How does it work? Very easy! The referral link is unique since it is tied to your parameter transmitting the webmaster’s ID. It looks like this: &pid=666.
    Also, your referral link ALWAYS (by default) transmits the click_id parameter - a unique code, looking like 58642d508227dd862f8b5f77. It is generated by ALFALEADS system and is tied to EVERY SPECIFIC click. Thanks to the click_id parameter, ALFALEADS tracking system can discern one click from the other, assigning every new click its own unique indicating value.

    Values of sub-accounts, which you complete yourself and transfer in a link, will also be tied by a specific click_id. All aforementioned complications are needed so that you can see from which sources/adverts the received conversions come, and also to conduct a more detailed analysis of your traffic.

    In ALFALEADS, 5 sub-accounts are available, and with their help you can transfer your own invented values - those values (parameters) will be static. Or you can enter into sub-accounts the values of advertising network’s macros, in which you planned to place your link - then the values will be dynamic. When a person uses the link, macros [SID] and [TID] (let’s say we’re working with a teaser network Kadam) will be changed when the real values will display, such as: 31245312864765276 and 233556 - ID of the platform and ID of the teaser accordingly.

    P.S. Every advertising network has its own set of macros (if they have them at all) - macros from one advertising network won’t work in another one.

    P.P.S. This ARTICLE has a lot of useful information on sub-accounts, explained in more detail and with examples!
  • Sometimes statistics show rejected applications, what could be the reasons for this?
    here are several potential reasons for rejection, here are the main ones:
    - The person didn’t enter their data correctly;
    - Unsuitable geography;
    - During a phone call check the client denied the order/application;
    - Repeated conversions;

    You can go to tech support to get detailed information on a lead.
  • Can I listen to recordings of cancelled conversions?
    We can only provide you with this opportunity if the advertiser for your offer provides us with such information.

    P.S. Check with your account-manager about reasons for rejection!
  • The conversion stays in a “processing” condition for a long time, what does it mean?
    If the conversion “freezes” in a “processing” condition it means that a new client failed to perform a target action for which the advertiser pays. But don’t get disappointed, all’s not lost! From the processing stage orders can with equal probability be sorted into both “rejected” and “approved”!

    For more information on chosen offers check with your account-manager.
  • Can I used MY PERSONAL landings for work with your system?
    Yes, you can work with your landings, BUT! You must necessarily configure API order form integration, so that the data that clients enter would get to the advertiser.

    API Documentation - https://api.affise.com/docs3.0/
  • What is PostBack: what is it needed for and how do I set it up?
    If you’re an arbitrage jedi and want to conduct a more serious analysis of your traffic using the tracker, you’ll need to configure integration using PostBack. This is so that the conversion statistics is transferred into its system of external analytics (tracker).

    Instructions on adding the PostBack link into the ALFALEADS system - HERE
  • Do you have a referral system?
    Yes, but it ONLY gets connected by request! So it’s NECESSARY for you to let your account-manager know to deduct you a referral percentage.
  • Email - letters from Alfaleads. Important!
    Our e-mail distribution is an important news resource for all webmasters in the CPA network. We strongly recommend opening and getting familiar with all letters that arrive in your email. There is no spam, only actual information regarding new and old offers, useful content or our coolest discounts. Most importantly: information about temporarily stopping some offers, changing locations, conditions, payouts, disconnections and other information linked to domains, track-links etc, will always be sent on your e-mail, first think. So be extremely attentive and try to not miss our letters. If they get filed into spam because if your mail system’s filter, we ask you to please mark them as “not spam”.
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